Establishing Mental Health and COVID Immunity – A Vital Scripture Decoded

Establishing Mental Health and COVID Immunity – A Vital Scripture Decoded
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“‘A tithe of the entirety from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the timber, belongs to the LORD; it’s far holy to the LORD” Lev 27:30.

How is that this verse relevant to intellectual and bodily health, mainly regards coronavirus Immunity?

After analyzing its decoded translation further on, we will see simply how relevant and critical this verse is in defeating COVID.

There is also a practice technique we will use to get started out.

But first some clarifying context regards literal ‘church’ tithing and ‘biblical’ tithing – there is a large distinction, they’re now not one and the identical, as we will see. For at the same time as many faiths consult with the Bible, the Bible isn’t regarding any faith or rituals.

The Bible, in all its brilliant class, includes 66 books and 40 authors. An educational Manual on the science of thoughts, it provides coded information on how human beings can grow and increase spiritually in all factors of thoughts/frame/soul; volumes of improve knowledge in a way to use our mental colleges positively for health, happiness and creativity, to consist of rapid immune response to coronavirus and overseas antigens getting into the body.

Heavily coded, biblical syntax isn’t presented as ‘studying fabric’ as such – like a unique — instead as look at cloth for decoding and ultimately lived thru the mind/body cognizance for highest quality properly-being, intellectual peace and unfastened-flowing exuberant love. Thus, literal interpretation of biblical syntax does no longer fully serve the evolution of the soul as meant by using these divinely inspired authors.

In forgoing scripture take a look at and its content material assimilation into recognition, we ignore opportunity of awareness development beyond the born-into kingdom of carnal primitive thoughts, settling instead for soundbites and memory referencing of others’ literal interpretations in place of direct revelation thru our own Teacher focus within.

The word Religion comes from the Latin Re-ligare: ligare manner to bind, for this reason adding ‘re’ means to re-be part of, re-bind or hyperlink human and divine, while ‘church’ esoterically interprets: thoughts/frame.

No different person can acquire this ‘re-bind’ — of divine experiencing within — for us.

In essence, the character of God is natural consciousness: on the spot all-knowing vibrational love-silence which we’re every designed for coming upon thru natural meditative manner.

Silence is golden, yes, in that, by mind encountering vibrational love-silence it becomes healed, complete: an alchemy of base metal to Gold.

The truth is, at start, our mental methods are uploaded in carnal conditioning from past lives: the deeper thoughts is running below subconscious regulation. A degree of programed soul-noise which has corroded the thoughts’s mechanisms leaving divine silence with out a way via which to mirror in the thoughts/frame body structure; thus, at birth, ability of religious discernment isn’t always at once at hand. This carnal or ‘worldly’ corrosion is known scripturally because the ‘veil’ of religious lack of know-how

In the context of ‘veil’ – causal of divine silence-wisdom being muted — the motive of the biblical tithe will become strikingly obvious, as we will see.

Tithing isn’t always approximately giving cash over to others

Many have been led into believing that tithing is giving over one 10th of our profits — of amassed wealth — unto some church or religion. This is totally not actual. The Bible’s meaning of tithing is far from giving cash over to others in this way.

As clarified earlier, ‘church’ approach thoughts/frame. In this context, the word ‘tithe’ has been highly misinterpreted, presented solely to mean, giving to a bodily ‘church’.

Many additionally use ‘tithe’ and ‘ten percent’ in the identical sentence, as separate actions. The word ‘tithe’ is Hebraic for ’10th’ or ten percentage. Thus we can’t say we’re tithing ten percent of something. Being one and the same, grammatically speakme, this makes no experience whatsoever.

Tithing, as supplied in scripture, is totally not approximately giving money, goats, grain or physical land over to everybody. There is no ‘commandment’ to this impact. Framing it otherwise is a man-made concept.

So, what’s scriptural tithing?

The Bible, as stated, is generally about the technological know-how of mind — steerage on a way to maximize the intellectual faculties to their highest potential each spiritually and morally. To this outcome – whilst allegorically presented — it offers with the integration of unconscious reactive concept styles, the ‘veil’, the reclamation of dormant recognition thereby stumble upon the submerged capability of our Being, biblically known as coming into the promised land.

Due to this suppressed mental nation, guy is stated to use simplest a fraction of his full intellectual/creative capacity. This fraction of ‘usable’ thoughts is known to be close to one tenth accordingly leaving a valuable aid of ninety percentage of recognition untapped, thereby undeveloped.

At practical stage, this controlling 10th dynamic ensures the other 9-tenths of consciousness potential ultimate submerged and out of spiritual commission — for this reason conscious consciousness is through the inherited subconscious styles.

‘Tithing’ is a coded expression for surrender of this ‘in use’ 10th: give up of the intellectual processes assimilating the unconscious content underneath regulation.

Thus, to extend the aware capacity of thoughts — cast off subconscious content material — we should surrender or tithe the controlling subconscious thoughts-units and idea styles held in area via deep residual stress. Tithing accordingly at every other degree is also surrendering of pressure — the culmination of the lower mind — to God, in silence meditation.

Surrendering the tenth is symbolic of gaining 0 – completeness — of multiplying 10 to gain 100 accordingly triggering the law of multiplication. In other phrases, via surrendering the conscious 10% portion of thoughts, it will increase one hundred fold to a hundred%, thereby expansion of awareness and full mental capacity.

So, whether or not we say 10 or one 10th, does not genuinely be counted, for each appeal to zero: each make one 10th into 10, or 10 into one hundred [percent] that means the absolutely included soul.

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