How Maria Menounos Found Out She Had a Brain Tumor and Her Important Health Advice

How Maria Menounos Found Out She Had a Brain Tumor and Her Important Health Advice
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In 2017, at the same time as her mother Litsa turned into suffering with stage four thoughts maximum cancers, TV and radio host Maria Menounos decided out that she also had a brain tumor.

We spoke with Menounos in her Access Hollywood dressing room as a part of our Stronger Women interview series without a doubt six months after the surgical treatment to get rid of the benign meningioma the scale of a golfing ball.

How Did Menounos Discover She Had a Brain Tumor?
After feeling lightheaded and experiencing horrible complications, blurred imaginative and prescient and speech problems, Menounos stated she in the long run went into see her physician for what she idea might be an ear infection.

“I went to the doctor,” Menounos defined. “And he said: ‘Let’s do a whole physical due to the fact you’re right here.’” When I pay attention ‘bodily’ I form of draw back, however I went via with it.”

And it ended up being a smart choice to undergo with it!

“If I hadn’t long long past in for a physical, I might have in no way realized that I had a mind tumor and we’d have in no way determined it,” she said. “I hadn’t long long gone to look a number one care medical doctor for a physical in at least eight, nine or 10 years.”

According to Menounos, whilst our automobiles make noise, we take them to the mechanic, but in phrases folks and our very own our our bodies making noise, we say, “Shhhh! I don’t have time for you! I’m busy! I even have such a lot of obligations!” We want to make that time for ourselves.

“My frame changed into making noise for as a minimum more than one years,” she defined. “I stored telling human beings round me. People have been announcing, ‘Maria, no one works more hard than you — you’re in reality tired.’ So I believed them.”

What Is Her Important Health Advice?

Menounos instructed us approximately the message she wants to share: If some thing isn’t proper, visit the scientific health practitioner and get it checked.

“I think it’s actually important to get this message out to ladies — and to human beings in ultra-modern — that you need to cognizance for your health,” she said. “Why are we focusing loads on art work and our careers and but you can’t do any of it without your fitness?”

She has emerge as a Rally Health Ambassador to assist train people the small steps they could take in the path of a more healthy life, and he or she or he elements out that obtaining your annual physical is one in every of them.

“What I love about Rally is that they incentivize people to take control of their fitness — they may pay you to get screened,” defined Menounos.

Getting screened for fitness problems that run in our households is mainly crucial.

“When I heard ‘You have a mind tumor,’ I became like ‘OK, I’ve been here earlier than,'” she stated. “My mom have been given recognized a couple of months ago, and I didn’t absolutely examine my lesson one hundred% then, but clearly why are we walking ourselves so ragged?”

Menounos cautioned us approximately a girl who contacted her these days through her radio display.
Why Is This Message Especially Important to Women?
“Women are definitely so stressed out to be the entirety to everybody and not anything to themselves, and I become too,” explained Menounos. “It took its toll on me, and I don’t need human beings to should research the hard way.”

Menounos talked about that ladies have emerge as severe in how an entire lot they tackle and do.

“I check J.Lo and he or she or he’s operating so tough! And if she might be able to do it, I can do it!’” she said. “I’ve pushed my frame to the boundaries. And I don’t anticipate I’m lesser because I don’t need to do as a whole lot. Focusing on my health trendy is greater critical to me right now.”

Because she experienced the kind of crucial awaken call about her private fitness, Menounos is telling ladies that taking the time to pay attention to our our bodies and get take a look at-americadesires to be non-negotiable. And she stated the message is resonating. “Wherever I am,” Menounos defined, “Women are saying: ‘I had to pay interest this! I had to listen it’s OK not to run myself ragged!’”

According to Menounos, quite some ladies experience like they want an excuse to attend to their very own fitness and fitness goals.

“I become talking to my cousin these days and she’s having a lot of these exquisite fitness troubles and I stated, ‘Are you awaiting a few component horrible to occur to truly trade your existence? Or do you need to truly study from different examples like me?’”

In September, only some months after the surgical remedy to do away with her tumor, Menounos became a decide for the Miss America Competition.
It’s Essential to Get the Best Medical Opinion (and a Second Opinion!)
To illustrate the significance of discovering your scientific physician’s credentials and getting a couple of clinical opinions, she instructed us approximately a girl who contacted her these days through her radio show.

The girl advised Menounos: “I’ve clearly located out I had a thoughts tumor due to your tale and I’m so grateful and I’m going to have surgery.”

When Menounos requested, “Did you get a 2nd opinion?” The girl said no.

Then she requested, “Do you recognize what number of surgical approaches the doctor operating on you has finished?” The lady stated no.

Menounos connected the lady to Stand Up to Cancer to get her every different clinical opinion. “Now they’re sparing her hearing nerve,” she stated. “She’s 37 and they had been going to take her paying attention to nerve! Because she reached out to me we had been able to deliver her some suitable recommendation and get her to another health practitioner and now she’s going if you need to pay attention her youngsters!”

She reminds us to keep in mind that gaining knowledge of and ensuring you’ve got got located the superb, most qualified clinical physician is critical.

“You need the exceptional mechanic to paintings to your car,” she explained. “Whatever the task is you want the best! Your health need to be the same issue.”

Menounos married Kevin Undergaro, her boyfriend of two many years, in a marvel rite on stay TV on New Year’s Eve in New York City’s Times Square. Their dad and mom, which includes her mother Litsa, were there.

What is Her Self-Care Routine?

Menounos stated she meditates every day or nearly each day.

She instructed us she loves the guided meditation called The Soul Sync. “It’s this woman and she guides you through the sixteen minutes — in region of absolutely having to sit down there and try to maintain easy mind which isn’t that easy for me,” she stated. “She guides you and tells you what to do, and by using the stop she says ‘OK, open your eyes.’ And I’m like ‘No, it feels too acceptable!’”

Keeping pressure to a minimal is her pinnacle priority.

“As hard as this yr has been, I do see it as such a present and the form of blessing,” she defined. “I experience lucky that I’m wholesome and that they have been capable of get [the tumor] out. I’m main this new lifestyles in which I’m so much happier and calmer.”

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