Natural Treatments for Epilepsy: Do They Work?

Natural Treatments for Epilepsy: Do They Work?
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Epilepsy is traditionally dealt with with antiseizure medicinal drugs. These drug treatments may not artwork for every body, and they come with a threat of facet effects.

Some humans with epilepsy turn to natural remedies and possibility remedies to assist relieve their symptoms. From herbs and vitamins to biofeedback and acupuncture, there are various to choose from.

Although some herbal remedies are sponsored by the usage of a modest amount of studies, many aren’t. There’s a long way a lot much less proof supporting natural treatments for epilepsy than conventional remedy.

If you’re inquisitive about including something new on your epilepsy remedy routine, talk along side your medical doctor. They will let you test the potential advantages and risks, in addition to advocate on next steps. You might also locate that a few natural remedies can complement your cutting-edge remedy plan.

1. Herbal treatments

With an growing market and public interest, natural treatments have soared in recognition. There appears to be an herb for every illness.

Some of the most generally used herbs for epilepsy are:

burning bush
lily of the valley
tree of heaven
There’s little scientific evidence that herbal remedies successfully cope with epilepsy. Most proof is anecdotal. According to a 2003 study, a handful of herbal remedies applied in traditional Chinese, Japanese Kampo, and Indian Ayurveda remedy have shown anticonvulsant effects. Still, there aren’t any randomized, blind, controlled research to assist their benefits.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate natural supplements. Herbs every now and then motive unsightly side outcomes at the side of complications, rashes, and digestive troubles. Although a few herbs might also help epilepsy, others can also worsen your signs.

Herbs to avoid

Gingko and St. John’s wort may additionally moreover engage with antiseizure medications.
Kava, passionflower, and valerian may additionally growth sedation.
Garlic may additionally intrude together with your treatment tiers.
Chamomile may prolong the outcomes of your medication.
Schizandra may also purpose greater seizures.
Herbal nutritional supplements containing ephedra or caffeine can also worsen seizures. These encompass guarana and kola.

2. Vitamins

Certain nutrients may also assist lessen the quantity of seizures due to epilepsy. Keep in thoughts that vitamins on my own don’t artwork. They may moreover assist some medicinal drugs paintings greater successfully or lessen your critical dosage. Follow your medical doctor’s commands before taking nutrition supplements to save you a likely overdose.

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 is used to treat a unprecedented form of epilepsy referred to as pyridoxine-established seizures. This form of epilepsy typically develops inside the womb or quick after transport. It’s as a result of your body’s lack of ability to metabolize weight loss plan B-6 well.

Although the evidence is promising, extra studies is want to decide whether or not nutrition B-6 supplementation blessings humans with extraordinary styles of epilepsy.


Severe magnesium deficiency can also increase seizure risk. Older studies indicates magnesium supplementation may moreover reduce seizures. A 2012 speculation posted in Epilepsy Research helps this idea. Researchers suggest that randomized, controlled trials are needed to higher apprehend magnesium’s capacity outcomes on epilepsy.

Vitamin E

Some humans with epilepsy can also have a weight loss plan E deficiency. A 2016 have a look at determined that nutrients E will growth antioxidant talents. This research additionally suggested it helps decrease seizures in people with epilepsy whose signs and symptoms and symptoms aren’t controlled thru conventional tablets. The look at concluded vitamin E may be comfortable to take with traditional tablets for epilepsy. More research is needed, but.

Other vitamins

Medication used to address epilepsy may moreover purpose biotin or diet D deficiency, and worsen your signs and symptoms. In the ones instances, your health practitioner might also additionally suggest vitamins to assist control your situation.

Infants with seizures due to cerebral folate deficiency may additionally moreover benefit from folinic acid supplementation. Folic acid supplementation in people with epilepsy and folate deficiency from different factors may moreover reason greater harm than properly. Take it simplest under your health practitioner’s supervision.

3. Dietary changes

Certain nutritional adjustments might also moreover help lower seizures. The pleasant-regarded weight loss plan is the ketogenic diet plan, which makes a speciality of ingesting a higher ratio of fat. It’s taken into consideration a low-carb, low-protein weight-reduction plan. This type of ingesting sample is notion to assist decrease seizures, despite the fact that doctors don’t recognise precisely why.

Children with epilepsy are frequently put on the ketogenic weight loss program. Many humans find the regulations hard. Still, this form of food regimen might supplement different remedy measures to assist lessen seizures.

In 2002, John Hopkins Medicine created a changed Atkins weight loss plan as a low-carb, excessive-fat alternative to the ketogenic food plan for adults with epilepsy. The agency suggests that recent studies show the weight loss program lowers seizures in almost half of of those who attempt it. No fasting or counting electricity is needed. A decrease in seizures is frequently seen in only some months.

4. Self-control and biofeedback

Some people with epilepsy attempt to manipulate their thoughts hobby to lessen the fee of seizures. The concept is if you could find signs of an approaching seizure, you will be capable of prevent it.

Many humans with epilepsy enjoy air of thriller symptoms about 20 mins earlier than a seizure occurs. You also can look at uncommon smells, see abnormal lights, or have blurry imaginative and prescient.

You might also feel symptoms and signs for numerous days primary as a whole lot because the occasion. These signs and symptoms encompass:

terrible complications
Self-manage strategies are used to prevent or lower the intensity of the seizure as soon because it arrives.

There are several techniques, all of which require appropriate awareness and focus. Examples are:

taking walks
immersing in a task
sniffing a strong scent
actually telling the seizure “no”
The trouble with those techniques is that there isn’t a single approach to save you a seizure. And there isn’t a guarantee that any of them will paintings on every occasion.

Another method includes biofeedback. Like self-control measures, the purpose of the technique is to take control of your thoughts hobby. Biofeedback uses electrical sensors to regulate mind waves. At least one have a have a look at decided that biofeedback appreciably reduced seizures in humans with epilepsy who couldn’t manage their signs and signs with conventional drugs.

Physical therapists usually use biofeedback. If you’re interested by this technique, looking for a expert with credentials.

It may be tough to govern your situation with power of will and biofeedback alone. Both strategies require time, endurance, and consistency to understand. If you make a decision to move this route, be affected person. Don’t reduce or forestall taking any prescribed medications without your medical medical doctor’s approval.

5 Acupuncture and chiropractic care

Acupuncture and chiropractic treatments are from time to time taken into consideration options to conventional epilepsy treatment.

The particular way acupuncture allows isn’t understood, however the historical Chinese practice is used to help ease continual pain and different scientific troubles. It’s notion that by means of setting great needles especially elements of the body, practitioners assist the body heal itself.

Acupuncture may also change brain activity to reduce seizures. One speculation is that acupuncture can also preserve epilepsy in test with the aid of manner of growing parasympathetic tone and converting autonomic disorder. The practice sounds top in principle. But there isn’t scientific proof to show that acupuncture is an effective epilepsy treatment.

Spinal manipulations in chiropractic care may help the frame heal itself. Some chiropractors use precise manipulations to help manage seizures on a regular basis. Like acupuncture, chiropractic care isn’t substantially appeared as an powerful form of epilepsy remedy.

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The bottom line

For the maximum part, evidence supporting herbal remedies for epilepsy is anecdotal. Your neurologist is your quality supply of epilepsy information and care. Your mind is a complex community. Each case is considered one of a type, and seizures range in severity and frequency. There isn’t a single remedy or possibility treatment that allows you to work for all and sundry.

Many humans attempt numerous treatment techniques until they locate one which works notable for them. Epilepsy is a excessive ailment, and it’s critical to save you seizures. Natural remedies might also moreover supplement your scientific treatment. In some instances, those treatment options may also moreover even beautify your remedy.

Despite their ability, natural treatments nevertheless pose risks. This is in particular the case with herbs and vitamins, as they could engage with medicinal capsules. Some nutritional dietary supplements may even be as effective as traditional drugs. Be high quality to are trying to find advice from your health practitioner in advance than including any herbs or supplements to your routine.

You shouldn’t good deal herbal remedies for epilepsy, however deal with them as separate alternatives for epilepsy care. Take observe of which techniques interest you and speak them collectively along with your medical doctor.

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