The Book of Answers

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Usually, after disappointment, we discover ourselves second-guessing what we did (or did not do) that caused our unhappy outcome. I accept as true with that failure (as lengthy because it does now not kill us or completely wound us) wakes us as much as the cost of planning. I am now not speakme about planning like a grocery list to jog your reminiscence on the vegetable aisle. I imply placed some extreme idea into what’s vital to you and your own family. Those matters of significance have to be your desires. When we fail to acquire a goal, we need to think about that intention again. Is that purpose worthy? Is it practicable? Do we have the way (sources), ways (one-of-a-kind paths), and the time to achieve it?

Suppose that we determine that maximum of our goals are of low importance (each day wants and needs). Lets call them dreams for the “Tactical Level.” We may hyperlink Tactical Level dreams to a higher level. Our desires for our own family’s destiny (our kids, our grandchildren, and past), our agency’s future (a employer which you personal or one that provides the approach on the way to feed, residence, and clothe your family), our state, our u . S . A ., our manner of existence (society). These dreams have to be better than Tactical. Lets name them dreams for the “Operational Level.”

Wouldn’t it’s first-rate to have a “Book of Answers” to inform us what our Tactical and Operational Goals ought to be, and all methods to achieve them? Maybe, but if the desires are given to us, we can not distinguish ourselves. If we’ve got the answers on how to attain our dreams, we can now not enjoy non-public failure. With no getting to know from our mistakes or misfortunes, we can not experience the triumph of accomplishing our dreams.

There is a third degree, and lots of folks remember it to be the highest stage: The Strategic Level. In the USA (U.S.), the Strategic Level is every body (the human beings of the U.S.). We have elected representation (a President and individuals of Houses of Congress), however they are there to make legal guidelines and offer accountable execution of the needs of the humans of the U.S. There is a “Book of Answers” on the Strategic Level of the US. It is referred to as The Constitution, a long lasting, guiding file that was together authored via the studies, mind, and critiques of the founders of the U.S. (the Continental Congress) on behalf of the human beings of Colonial America, who sought self-rule. Strategic Level desires, based totally on steering inside the Constitution require cooperation through the U.S. Humans, through their elected representatives, if you want to be done.

In precis: At the Tactical Level, we shape dreams for ourselves and our own family via expertise our family records, and by means of staying real to circle of relatives values. We increase those desires by way of supporting the destiny of our circle of relatives, our country, and our enterprise on the Operational Level. In the U.S., we join as a society via viewing, expertise, and assisting Strategic Level dreams located inside the Constitution. We monitor the pastime of our elected officers, and suggest them (talk with them) for you to maintain them focused on our (the people’s) wishes and proper to the guiding record (the Constitution). Is that it? If you’re a Christian, no. There is degree higher than Strategic, and that stage appears lower back at us (like a replicate): This is the “God Level,” his dreams for us. Web search John 14:6 and Matthew 28: 17-19.

The Christian Bible is the “Book of Answers” for us to apprehend God’s goals. The Bible isn’t written in a way so that it will convey our information to the level of God. Instead, it offers us with a glimpse of God’s hobby in and interface with men and women in the course of the records of mankind. Learned scholars have spent their lives trying to unravel the mysteries within the Bible as a way to have answers, but for the general public, the Bible is a reference guide for us to seek advice from as we stay our lives. God wants us to be near him, to understand him as God, and to behavior our lives as he courses us (adhering to the Ten Commandments is a great begin). The Bible is a group of “Books” that consists of steerage from God himself (that he gave to Moses, who wrote the earliest books inside the first section of the Bible), as well as other Books that had been written with the aid of prophets (men who have been contacted by means of God, who commanded them to inform us something specific). These books are organized in a section known as “The Old Testament.” This compilation of human interface with God, laced with prophesy, informs united states top, a culminating occasion (the arrival of the Messiah, a savior).

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